Welcome to The Blog…

After much procrastination and everything that goes along with it, (including and not limited to; working on deadlines, changing my mind about what to write about first, adding different angles to my “switching to nikon” pending blog post, accepting that I have a lot to learn, convincing myself that my Fuji X100 deserves to be respected more, learning to run the “mothership” and not going totally insane, shooting for Music Xtra and working on getting my own website up), it is now time to launch my new blog (which I will simply call THE BLOG.

Milky way over the Zambezi River

I am very confident that I will make the most of this blog (unlike the last one) and hopefully transition all my old followers from the Blogger based blog to this one.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with me and not killing me for going dark on them for months on end. I will make up for it with (hopefully) awesome content over the coming weeks and months and years as I take you all along with me on my photographic adventure of discovery.


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