It is a nation (for real) and its citizens are called Crasinators. The older and more experienced (read: patient) one attain the title of ”Professional Crastinator”, known to foreigners as Pro-Crastinators.
I have the misfortune of being a native of this nation and have on many occasions been honoured with professional status though I just as often have fallen off the wagon. This is one such time, after holding the title Pro for a rather extend period, I have lost my patience and acted upon a thought. (Crastinators are dissuaded from such hasty actions. Everything must be thought through and meditated upon for as long as possible, preferably one lifetime.)

On a video production set in a rural setup.

Well here I am this time with musings about what I have been planing to to, what I am doing about it and what I have done thus far.

The new year begun and I was far from putting together enough content to comfortably launch my new website, so I continued to tell myself I would be ready tomorrow. (Apparently that is one of the special traits that identify a Pro).
I have however drafted many blog posts and yet to finish them off with images, which unfortunately most need permission from 3rd parties. There is The Nikon Switch blog post pending from the previous blog, and one I am working on this week, Packing for a video gig.

I will also be doing a series of images with its own gallery dedicated to my Fuji X100 which I am falling in love with the more I keep picking it up to shoot rather random and uninteresting things with.

2014 saw me taking up more and more video assignments than usual to the point where I started to miss photography and with that my gear list grew in two directions, a Photography Kits and a Video kit. I will be writing about this in its own blog along with the nikon switch as they are intertwined.

For now let me get back to those drafts and flesh them out.
I will announce through my Twitter and Facebook feeds when each post is out and hopefully figure out how to make a milling list to announce new posts. (I am clueless when it comes to web technology, I rely on my wife to explain a lot of the things that go on behind my browser, she is AWESOME. You should follow her blog for a taste of her awesomeness.)
I leave you with an Astro-shot done with my Fuji X100 seconds before it fell to its first death, (it had died twice and has been resurrected by Brian from the Gadget shop).

Good Night Victoria

Peace, Love and Click, Click, click………

UPDATE: My wife’s blog address is

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